Ride for Larry 2014

Larry…there are not enough words in the universe to describe him. The lucky ones knew him personally, but even at a distance… He somehow made an impact across this country and even world on people. Its hard to put your finger on exactly what “that” was, but whatever it was it worked for him. He was everything you thought he was and more.

By no means was he perfect…but sometimes those were the best parts about him. He had a smile that could light up a room, a sense of humor that was not for everyone, a heart of gold and an attitude on life that was amazing.
I learned a lot from Larry, but mostly how to live in the moment. He was so good at that and I always admired him for his that. He was my better half, the love of my life and my best bud.

The Ride For Larry Pierce was more than a success. The overwhelming support from across the world has been insane. Its crazy to think that my Larry touched so many people from here inĀ Alabama…but I guess I am not surprised since to know Larry was to LOVE HIM!
Thank you to everyone.

Please keep me in your prayers. XOXO Ashley Pierce